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insulin tablets replacing injections

American researchers have invented a pill that could replace insulin injections in diabetics. Tested on pigs, this drug provided insulin in sufficient quantities to reduce blood sugar in patients.

When it comes to taking a medicine, orally often appears as the simplest way. But some molecules do not survive the passage instomach and digestive tractThat is the caseinsulin and many other drugs that are injected into the bloodstream. For diabetes who receive injections every day, oral remedies help cure and improve everyday life.

In this study published in science, MIT researchers, Brigham and the hospital for womenHarvard and Novo Nordiska have created a capsule that could change the lives of these patients. To prevent the release of insulin into the stomach where it can be degraded to acids gastric, the authors have imagined the needle capsule.

The tip of the needle consists ofinsulin lyophilized and compressed, thanks to the process already used for other drugs. MIT's statement explains how this revolutionary pill works: "The needle cap is attached to the compression spring retained by the disc sugarWhen the capsule swallows, the water in the stomach dissolves the sugar disk, releases the spring and injects the needle into the stomach wall. "

How the gastric wall does not have sensory receptors for painit can be considered that patients should not feel an injection. But how to make sure the capsule is properly placed, with a needle ready for injection of insulin into the stomach wall? For this, the researchers were inspired by the form of an animal: a turtle leopard, ovo turtle The African man has a coat of arms that makes a kind of dome, which allows him to return to the place if he is rolling.

Oral treatment with an innovative capsule

Just like I did turtlescientists have created a capsule whose shape allows it to be reoriented to the correct position. Attaches to the stomach wall, with a needle located on the right. So even if a person moves or the stomach moves, the capsule is in the right direction. To better visualize this phenomenon, you can view the video below.

A video presentation of a capsule that supplies the medication. You can view it with French subtitles (include subtitles and select Settings / Subtitles / Automatic Translation / French). © Diana Saville

Then, when the capsule is placed on the stomach wall, the needle is injected with insulin. According to this study, insulin is injected into the blood in one hour. The researchers tested their capsules on pigs and showed they could inject a 5 mg dose of insulin, the amount often needed by the patient diabetes Type 2. The rest of the capsules, formed of polymers biodegradable and components in the system stainless steel, continues her journey to the digestive tract. According to the authors, the side effect will not be.


Our motivation is to make it easier for patients to take medication, especially those who need an injection

This innovative capsule can be used to give non-insulin medicines, such as immunosuppressive treatment, Explains one of Giovanni Traverso's a MIT edition : "Our motivation is to make it easier for patients to take medication, especially those who need an injection."

What to remember

  • US scientists have created an innovative capsule for insulin delivery to the stomach and avoiding injections.
  • The capsule includes a needle with compressed insulin.
  • Inspired by the shape of a turtle, it is in the stomach in the right direction, with a needle ready to inject the insulin into the wall.
  • This capsule can be used to deliver non insulin medicines.

Diabetes: Immediately an insulin pills instead of injections?

The article was published on June 27, 2018

Harvard researchers offer insulin formulation as an oral treatment to avoid daily injections by diabetics. Two problems should be solved: the sensitivity of insulin to the acidity of the stomach and its weakness absorption intestinal.

For millions of people who suffer from it type 1 diabetesDaily insulin injections are essential because the body does not produce it hormone, Insulin therapy, administered by pump or injection, attempts to be controlled glucose patients. These repeated injections affect their quality of life and hinder their activities. If they do not follow the correct treatment, the patients are exposed to serious complications.

Several teams are looking for ways for oral insulin delivery; clinical examination water Oramed Pharmaceuticals even started in the US. Oral insulin is problematic because the molecule does not appreciate the acidity of the stomach and is poorly absorbed in the intestine. Article published in PNAS describes oral treatment that could revolutionize the lives of patients.

Insulin must pass the acidity of the stomach and the intestinal barrier

Researchers from Harvard suggest transportinsulin in an ionic solution containing choline and gancic acid, all included in a capsule resistant to acidity. This presentation is kept for two months at room temperature and four months at refrigeratorIn a more alkaline intestine, the envelope of the drug consists of polymers, dissolves and releases current which contain insulin, which must pass into the blood.

In a Release for HarvardAmrita Banerjee, the author of this research, explained this "When protein molecules such as insulin enter the gut, many enzymes they have a humiliation function protein in amino acids smaller. " Insulin in its ionic solution would remain stable. In addition, the formulation that uses choline and geranic acid has already shown its effectiveness to pass two obstacles: mucus intestinal and narrow intestinal tract, which is known to interfere with the passage of large molecules such as insulin. Here in the rat this insulin could reduce their insulin glucose in the blood. Testing this formulation remains in other animals, then during possible clinical trials on humans.

uPill, an ultrasound tablet to prevent bumps

Article by JanLou Chaput published on June 30, 2012

To avoid the discomfort of daily punches that some patients are forced to suffer, this may be the solution for the future: the pills for ultrasonic called uPill. Such a system would accelerate absorption active ingredient during digestion and its distribution to the areas to be cured, which until then was a limiting factor of classical seal.

This is an announcement that can please people diabetesThey daily inject specific amounts of insulin to regulate their value glucose and must endure discomfort and pain such manipulation implies.

For a long time scientists have been trying to develop new systems for better quality of life for those patients. Unfortunatelyinsulinwhen swallowed, the digestive system does not absorb sufficiently quickly and does not penetrate tissues within a reasonable time. The concept is abandoned, and diabetics still have no choice but to use syringes.

In recent years, we have found interest in patches ultrasonic which deliver the drug ten times more effectively through the skin. sound waves slightly warm the cells and further permeabilize the membranes, allowing the active molecule to integrate cytoplasm target cells.

Tablets will replace bites

Precisely from this same concept the researchers from MYTH, in cooperation with the company ZetrOZ specialized in medical equipment, has developed into Pill, a pacemaker that emits ultrasound and facilitates drug digestion. The seal would be covered with the active substance and ultrasound would be activated when the device swallowed. pill is designed to withstand digestive juices acid and is eliminated by natural means.

One of the major innovations of this discovery is miniaturization of the process. The inventors even claim to develop the smallest ultrasonic system in the world. They hope to start up in Pill soon, but now they start testing animals to make sure their prototype is safe. His safety must be checked by humans and proven effectiveness.

There is still a problem: the pills can be sold for $ 20 to $ 30 each (€ 16 to € 24), but can be reused theoretically. Researchers themselves doubt the popularity of their device at such a price, especially for people who need it every day. Further efforts are needed to reduce tariffs and ensure that they will eventually be replaced bites.

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