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Marvel Studios: A few super soldiers in the middle of Phase 4 of the MCU?

Can MCUs be attacked by super soldiers in their Phase 4?

MCU Phase 4 began broadcasting this year WandaVision. If the show co-starring Elizabeth Olsen with Paul Bettany convinced fans of the Marvel universe, they can now enjoy the new adventures of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. Aired two weeks on Disney +, series Falcon and winter soldier indeed marked the return of the two ministerial captains of America after the events inAvengers: Endgame. Although the two superheroes are still unaware of the threat that awaits them below, the first three episodes still had their share of revelations, especially about the super-soldiers.

Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson in the series Falcon and Winter Soldier.
Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson in the series Falcon and Winter Soldier. – Credit: Marvel Studios, Disney +

In episode 2, Sam and Bucky truly discovered the existence of new extraordinary beings through Flag Smasher and Isaiah Bradley. If one does not know the origins of such super-soldiers, their creation and the experiments performed on them could soon be at the center. Falcon and winter soldier, as his characters explore. Bucky and Sam could also follow in their footsteps until they discover the true identity of their creator. Nevertheless, it is vital to note that the disclosure of such experiences could affect not only the series but also the future of the MCU.

Isaiah Bradley in the series Falcon and Winter Soldier.
Isaiah Bradley in the series Falcon and Winter Soldier. – Credit: Disney +

In fact, the outcome of the Disney + series could record the formation of a team of super-soldiers, which could favor the inclusion of new characters in phase 4 of the MCU. However, this does not mean that they will necessarily join the Avengers, some of them may choose an enemy camp as well. Special mention is made of John Walker, whose intentions were previously teased, although it is not yet clear whether the character of Wyatt Russell will soon become a super-soldier. This new understanding would then allow the MCU to distance itself from the heroic ideal once carried by Steve Rogers to move closer to a more down-to-earth characterization. An area where Marvel Studios stands out in particular when it comes to offering their characters more human character traits.

John Walker in the Falcon and Winter Soldier series.
John Walker in the Falcon and Winter Soldier series. – Credit: Disney +

In this context, Phase 4 of the MCU could be a phase of mourning, therapy, and crisis, but it could also show heroes who are particularly traumatized. This is already the case with Bucky who in the series began the process of redemption to get rid of demons from the past. As such, the latter could create in the end Falcon and winter soldier, a unit dedicated to super-soldiers, which the creation of such an alliance, moreover, could have saved for the character of Sebastian Stan. And finally, given the importance that will be given to new superhero teams at MCU in the near future, it wouldn’t be surprising if Marvel Universe sees several superheroes flourishing in the future. This would allow not only the introduction of new characters, but above all the improvement of the action established in Falcon and winter soldier within the MCU. To find out, we will have to wait for the finale of the Disney + series. Answer April 23, 2021!

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