Saturday , September 18 2021

Mickey's Diary celebrates 90 years of Mickey Mouse

November 18, 1928, Mickey was officially born, with the first screening Steamboat Willie, the first cartoon with a soundtrack, whose hero is no other than a mouse conceived by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks.

Mickey will appear in the comic book in January 1930tapeBefore being dedicated to a magazine in France in 1934: Mickey's Diary, which still has a good foothold and remains a phenomenon in children's print in France (an average of 97,000 copies and 1.3 million readers a week).

In order to celebrate the birthday of its same name, Mickey's Diary and its nursing publications (Mickey Parade Oceant Mickey Junior and the youngest, My first Mickey Diaryy) have prepared a long-time surprise for their readers, who will, after the first special edition of 270 pages in the spring, culminate with the release of this total number of 420 pages, printed 100,000 copies.

A book aimed at attracting a wide audience: In addition to children, a special theme wants to help the greatest to "go back to childhood" and get acquainted with the curiosity of Disney's fans, very numerous in France, told AFP Edith Rieubon, Editor-in-Chief and Editor Mickey's Diary.

Among the nuggets of this special edition are the Floyd Gottfreds board that Mickey has attracted more than 30 years after Walt Disney and whose style of reference is. He invented the "dark spirit," one of Mickey's elusive enemies.

And among contemporary works, an excellent story full of poetry in the sand of the desert.

Why does the story of a small mouse overpress both generations?

For Edith Rieubon, the ingenuity of Walt Disney, which has always been focused on innovations (cinema, entertainment parks, by-products etc.), has a lot to do with it, as well as the "multiple aspects" character of a small friend (with Minnie, Pluto, Dingo …), an explorer who solves the secret or an adventure exploration planet.

But most importantly, "Whatever happens, we are always in a good mood and we always go back to Mickeyville without too much trouble and after we have a lot of things to do," she says.

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