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MOB: False is not forbidden!

Eve this 14the the Ligue One Ligue of the Mobilis League, the band Madoui will meet tomorrow at the stadium on August 20, 1955 to face the formation of Chabab Belouizdada, where Touré & Co will again face their responsibilities. This goal will achieve a positive result during this trip, while trying to create a click that fans expect so much.

Crab Trainer, Kheireddine Madoui, who will be back on the bench in Béjau, remains aware of the difficult task awaiting his flocks during this trip and intends to take advantage of the rest of the time before this shock to complete the final adjustments so his team is ready to go best in Algiers.

Last training this morning

Aware of the difficult mission that tomorrow is expecting his fingers at the stadium on August 20, 1955 in Algeria, where the Madoui band will be invited to face the formation of CR Belouizdada, a Bejaoui technician has decided to make a morning preparatory session this morning for the Maghreb unit to finally touch his team, so it's ready for tomorrow's battle.

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Amokrane: "We no longer have the right to make mistakes"

– "We worked in peace and serenity"

– "I hope I'll hit Chabab"

From our correspondent Badr Eddine Zaouche

Striker Abdelhakim Amokrane shows great optimism in expecting a match against CR Belouizdad, which will be held tomorrow afternoon at the stadium on August 20, 1955 in Algeria. The béjaoui player informed us that this encounter must be a great success for his team, who no longer has the right to make mistakes after the last mistakes in the league against USMA, ASAM and CAP,

How is the mood before this much anticipated meeting with CRB?

I do not hide the fact that our last drawback to the ZPP is very damaging, this new defeat also left room for suspicion to be placed in the group. Fortunately, technical staff members met with us as soon as training continued. They raised our spirits, who came back to the track and tremendously helped us during these last days of preparation.

Have you made a special preparation for the next meeting?

Especially, no. It's a game like every other one. We worked in peace and serenity. We were well prepared at all levels with a friendly match that was successful. The team that will control their nerves will overcome. To get back to my question, I think the outside meetings have passed well, except for the last two, so I think that will be a return to good results.

We feel confident …

I really am, although we did not succeed in our last-best games, we decided to bounce back quickly. In addition, the MOB this season has been very well tackled by all its outdoor games. So I can say that we are determined to repeat our exploitation against the CRB in the game that our fans look forward to.

Hope you score in this match?

I hope I am. Anyway, I always give my best when I'm in the field. Entering the maximum number of goals in the MOB goal is for all of us. But we must not forget that the ultimate goal is to achieve a good match and make sure you come back with a good result at Bejaia. First and foremost, we are thinking about the collective interest and we will try this in the game.

Many say that CRB, despite a bad place on the ladder, is a better collective. What is your opinion about this?

It is true that CRB, who still can not find its bearings this season, has a wealth of workforce and a lot of talent. But I want to say that the quality of the opponent is not a reference, the evidence is better ranked than the CRB. That is why I want to say that only such meetings will be just the will and desire to win. We know what we need to do in this game. We also know that the ban is banned in front of the CRB. This is a game that must not be missed. We are armed with a strong will to reject it as quickly as possible. This meeting is a very good opportunity for us.

Is this Madoui match?

This is a game of the whole group, not just a coach. It is up to us to make it necessary for the field to win. The coach is there to guide us and give us instructions for good playing. We will follow his advice to win this CRB team.

Word for fans?

Frankly, I do not know where to start. I know very well that our fans are very disappointed, especially after the last missteps have passed, which is understandable, and that's logical. I want them to say that solidarity with us is not to let us go. On our side, we will try to do what we need to get the club out of that bad phase and get back to the good results quickly.

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The trip is scheduled for this afternoon

For this meeting, which will be part of the fourteenth day of the Ligue 1 Mobilis Champion, where Crabs will have CR Belouizdad as an opponent of the day, the leaders of the Amazonian club Soummam intend to put the Mobiste in the best possible conditions for this shock. That is how it is planned to go to Algeria today, Bejaouis will go to Algeria early in the afternoon to put green on the spot and be ready for the face tomorrow in the face.

Herida back

As already mentioned, the foreign hezous, Islam Herida, who did not participate in the last match of his team after the injury, will surely attack tomorrow against CRB. Herida, who has recently returned to work with the group, may even be okay to enter because Madoui obviously relies on the services that are the element of this meeting.

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