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Montauban Mayor Wants to Disperse His Town Against Tiger Mosquito, Opposes Prefect

He wants to eradicate a tiger mosquito in his city. After three dengue cases reported in the last three months, LR Montauban Mayor Brigitte Barèges has just sent an open letter to the Regional Health Agency and Prefecture. She is demanding full control of the mosquitoes of her city by the civil service.

Spray the city

The mayor of Montauban has already filed a motion after the first dengue case was declared on July 24. Then the prefect proceeded with the mosquito control operation of the two districts, respecting that a 150 meter rule around the affected site, Since then, two more cases have occurred.

Too much is enough for the Mayor of Montauban, now we have to put in a package to fight the tiger mosquitoes and protect the population.

"You have to be serious, stop making mosaics or puzzles, to treat the municipality generally in an efficient and radical way. Dengue is a disease we die of, we go crazy. The limit is the state of health of the population. "

I knew a time when planes sprayed beaches to get rid of mosquitoes, and that's effective, we're not dead – says Brigitte Barèges

"Artificial feelings of anxiety"

Spray the city? "Without question," replies Pierre Besnard, Tarn-et-Garonne Prefect did not exactly appreciate this open letter from the Mayor of Montauban. He makes the point in a statement reminding that these "dengue cases are not related to each other" and he denies the polemical "politician"

Prefect of Tarn-et-Garonne Prefect - none
Answer of the Prefect of Tarn-et-Garonne
@ Tarn-et-Garonne Prefecture

I see the municipal elections open, this controversy seems useless and anxious – estimates Tarn-et-Garonne

"We need to have the vision of scientists, not those responsible," said Pierre Besnard, if we were doing mosquito control all over town, we would have to do this every time the eggs hatch, ie multiple times, this would result in a resistance that will no longer allow the product to be effective against mosquitoes. We have a very precise scientific experience, because this has happened in one of our overseas departments where multiplying the frequency of mosquito control has led to resistance to the product. "

"You have to get rid of"

Does Brigitte Barèges have the right to demand complete mosquito control of your city? Montalbanais seems right about him.

"It's been, it's been three years since we attacked. It has taken a long time to heal, said the Sapiak resident on the banks of the Tarn, we need to get rid of it. But the mosquitoes, there are out of town, will take some time, but they will come back. "

"It's a plague, you have to do something. The products we put on ourselves aren't really better, but I don't know what's in the sprays "He recognizes this Montalbanaise.

Tiger mosquitoes kill us every night, I still get the light in the month of October, I think that's a good idea, now, it's all political! – Montauban resident

ARS, Regional Health Agency recalls that tiger mosquito has been implanted and active in Tarn-et-Garonne since 2015, and that three cases of dengue have been reported in recent months by people returning from the trip. the three cases are not interconnected, Tiger mosquitoes present here are not carriers of chikungunya, dengue or zika virusCurrently, there is no epidemic in continental France.

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