Wednesday , June 23 2021

Netflix’s plan to open the backstage of its productions to subscribers

Platform streaming The American continues to work on his next leading tool. If, on the other hand, she didn’t break her head to find her name, the company, on the other hand, worked hard on ingredients that should allow N-Plus to succeed with current users, but also with potential new ones, Venus.

As a flagship product, Netflix has decided to bet on new content. Those who are registered on the platform will thus be able to take advantage of sequences that are not broadcast on the streaming site, as well as reveal in the review news about future productions to come.

To be complete, N-Plus should offer “a range of texts, images and videos, interviews, analyzes, in-depth dives into productions, games, procedures, user dialogue opportunities, music or even podcasts”. Something that will create a mouthful for fans of the first hour as well as indecisive potentials.

Netflix would also consider offering some of N-Plus’s content in free access, without registration and visible directly from the web, while offering activation notifications that will be notified as soon as the content is published. So much innovation to attract more and more new users.

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