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OnePlus 7 Pro: our opinion after a month of testing

On May 16, 2019, OnePlus launched two new smartphones. OnePlus 7 embodies continuity and is a successor to 6T, very successful. OnePlus 7 Pro, it competes with premium models such as Galaxy S10 +, iPhone XS Max or P30 Pro. Everyday we tested a little more than a month. Discover all our impressions.

test oneplus 7 pro technical sheet

In 2019, OnePlus interrupts new ground. The manufacturer does not offer one, but two smart phones: OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro. With the first, the manufacturer improves the excellent 6T output at the end of 2018. Aesthetically similar, corrects several shortcomings and makes it one of the best tech-price reports of the year (at the time of writing). .

OnePlus 7 Pro takes a much bigger role. Full technology, allows the brand to compete with market leaders (Samsung, Apple, Huawei). More than a classic version, OnePlus 7 Pro remains more accessible than Galaxy S10 +, Huawei P30 Pro or iPhone XS Max. But is he really at work every day? After the first technical test, we used OnePlus 7 Pro a day for more than a month. This is our complete opinion.

Really attractive smartphone

If OnePlus 7 looks like 6T, 7 Pro means a real change of design. If we can distinguish him from his younger brother by looking at a triple sensory photograph, his face would be almost confused with the Galaxy S10 +.

test oneplus 7 pro autonomy

Almost because there is no kick like his rival, or even a slit. OnePlus selects a curved display that covers almost the entire front surface. To get this result, the tag camouflaged the front sensor in the sliding mechanism on the upper border.

The automatic shutdown system in the event of a fall has convinced us. Still, we remain skeptical about the life of this system. After several weeks of use, we discovered that the dust was in the middle of the mechanism. It did not have any effect, but the accumulation of dust could be located in the gears and block the system. As we approach summer holidays, we are afraid of using it on the beaches and near the water. Grain of sand or drop of water may be deadly.

test oneplus 7 pro screen

This seems to us unresponsive OnePlus 7 Pro is a smart phone with a successful design. The finishing quality makes it one of the most elegant models in the market. Particularly emphasized is the mat glass body (which does not mark the fingerprints) and the blue color, probably the most attractive (but this is a matter of taste).

test oneplus 7 pro grip

On a daily basis, massive size and weight 7 Pro can be uncomfortable. In our first test, we did not measure the importance of this detail. But early in the summer, moving the smartphone into the pocket was sometimes complicated. Handling also proved to be complicated. Smartphone enthusiasts will not see any harm, for others this point may be dragged.

Total screen!

The OnePlus 7 Pro is undoubtedly its highest value. Its curved format will not satisfy everyone, but its quality will like it. The lack of bevel and drill allows you to enjoy the best multimedia experience on a smartphone.

test oneplus 7 pro interface

The game is particularly attractive thanks to the refresh rate of 90 Hz, and compatibility with DCI-P3 allows you to enjoy unparalleled picture quality in the video. You will never be able to watch a movie or series on a smartphone.

Finally, the 6.4-inch screen lets you browse web or social networks with great comfort every day. The 90Hz fluidity denotes the true difference from the competition. After a month of use there is no doubt The OnePlus 7 Pro is the best in the market.

The most effective in the market

Historically, OnePlus smart phones stand out with excellent performance. OnePlus 7 Pro does not deviate from the rules. Thanks to the Snapdragon 845 + 12 GB RAM + 256 GB storage (our test version is the most powerful on the market), we could measure the extent of the know-how brand. We never had the opportunity to use such a powerful smartphone.

test oneplus 7 pro game

Animation and transitions have never been so fast, multitasking management was appropriate. OnePlus 7 Pro shows all its strength in the matter, especially on the most demanding licenses. Performance combined with a 90 Hz screen ensures excellent gaming experience. At the time of writing, no smartphone can compete.

Good bowl of oxygen

A good smartphone is not just a well-equipped device. Software is an important part of the user experience, and OnePlus has understood this from the beginning. With OS Oxygen (based on Android 9.0 Pie), brand brings the most successful software, and probably one of the best versions of Google OS.

test oneplus 7 pro screen

The interface is similar to an almost pure Android version. Lightweight, intuitive, shining with its ergonomics. OnePlus has included some features here and there. Every day they quickly become irreplaceable. For example, gestures on the screen are off that allow direct access to specific applications.

The navigational navigation is well thought out and the integration of dark fashion is welcome. Multiple customization options (display, sound, menus) are also significant resources. Currently, only Samsung UI manages to compete with the Oxygen System.

In front of the music!

Long criticized for the audio quality of its smartphones, OnePlus finally launches in 2019 in stereo sound adventure. 7 Pro and OnePlus 7 benefit from this enhancement and include the Dolby Atmos compatibility bonus. If the sound quality delivered by the 7 Pro speakers is very good, it does not reach the level of the best in the market. However, this use does not really fit our habits. We mostly played music on Bluetooth loudspeakers (7 Pro is also compatible with Bluetooth 5.0). To watch the video or play the quality of the speaker is satisfactory.

test oneplus bullets wireless 2 remote control

The sound experience is perfectly understandable with the headset, Not only is the quality superb, but also OnePlus offers very practical optimization features in everyday life. We tested the audio part of the Bullets Wireless 2 brand: the result is compelling. Everyday we enjoyed our experience.

Lack of endurance

If we can blame one thing on OnePlus 7 Pro is its endurance. Despite the good first impressions, we found throughout the day that this was not in line with previous models or some competitors. Huawei's OnePlus 6T and P30 Pro remain invincible. OnePlus 7 Pro, takes just over a day on average for intensive use. For the same purpose, 6T has held nearly half a day longer.

This is probably due to the integration of a larger screen of 90 Hz, but also higher power consumption. OnePlus has tried to compensate for the equipping of its smartphone with a larger battery (4000 mAh) but is still insufficient.

test oneplus 7 pro usbc

However, OnePlus provides ultra-fast charger Warp Charge 30, Saves 50% energy for 20 minutes, real comfort in everyday life. On the other hand, we apologize for the lack of wireless charging. OnePlus insists that this technology is not useful, we are convinced otherwise. We regularly test smartphones equipped with this charging system. The fact that you do not have to work overnight is obviously not a plus in the user experience. In our opinion, insisting the brand on wireless charging is a mistake.

The camera is moving fast

Again we will not analyze the quality of the OnePlus 7 Pro. For those who miss the episode, we invite you to view our full test smartphone. On the other hand, we have a few clarifications.

test oneplus 7 pro quality photos

Over the course of the week, OnePlus has introduced many updates that improve overall image quality. Compared to our initial test, we mostly watched Positive changes to portraits and night shots.

For the first contours, something more precise, and the background blurred is less aggressive. As far as night photography is concerned, they are more detailed with better contrasts. If this is not enough for the best camera phones in the market, OnePlus continues to work. Moreover, the difference in quality will only guess the initials. The public will be seduced by the capabilities of OnePlus 7 Pro.

Conclusion: we still enjoy a little bit

After one month of use, do not get tired of OnePlus 7 Pro. It stands out as an absolute reference in many areas. Performance, design and display are undoubtedly its greatest advantages. If our autonomy was disappointed and we have some reservations about the pop-up mechanism, we were pleasantly surprised by the improvements in the camera. Finally, Oxygen OS software always delivers us, a real pleasure on a daily basis.

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