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Paralyzed after eating meat, Australian dies after eight years of agony – 06/11/2018


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Paralyzed after eating a rifle, Sam Ballard dies after 8 years of agony - Twitter The Sun

Paralyzed after eating a rifle, Sam Ballard dies after 8 years of agony

Sam Ballard, an Australian rugby player, died on Friday, November 2, at the age of 28, after a long illness he had sustained after taking a shot.

At 19, Sam Ballard had everything to become a great rugby player. But his life spent a night in 2010 during a barbecue with friends. To launch his companions to meet a stupid challenge, a young man from Sydney agreed to eat the meat that crossed the garden, Daily MailThe evening continued quietly, but a few days later, the boy began to feel the pain in his legs. Then he went to the place where he spent 420 days, 14 months.

The doctors then diagnosed eosinophilic meningoencephalititis caused by angiostrongylus cantonensis, a parasite present in the jaw and carried by the rat secretion. The latter caused Sam Ballard's brain infection and made him tetraplegics. Indeed, when he woke up, young Australians suffered severe brain damage. It followed eight years of painstaking work, accompanied by many hospital stays, before his death last Friday.

"I'm sorry, I've changed my life, my life, forever. It's very strong, the effect is strong," she testified to her mother on Facebook. He held a set of nursing care for his son, had to multiply calls to help on social networks to get funds.

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