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Presidency of FEDAMA: Mado Wolo is a candidate

Vd comedian and director Kary Bogoba Coulibaly, known as Madou Wolo, is running for the president of the Federation of Artists of Mali (Fedama). Former Secretary-General of the same structure, Madou Wolo's candidacy supports several small artists.

This Saturday, June 29, 2019, will be held in memory pyramids, at the General Assembly of Fedame. The main dish of this gathering will undoubtedly be the election of a new president at the helm of the artistic umbrella body in Mali.

Candidate Kary Bogoba Coulibaly, better known as Madou Wolo, is a candidate. He wants to inherit Amadou Bagayoko, who, according to our sources, is not a party. Supported by several accomplices, Madou Wolo leaves his confidence in this general assembly.

More than 30 years in culture

Born in 1962 in the Ségou region, especially in Colom, Tona County, Kari Bogob Coulibaly became a comedy icon in Mali. The son of the well-known segmental percussionist Bogoboy Coulibaly, Kary comes from a family of musicians. Since the beginning of his fifth year, he has learned to play balafons thanks to his older brother Arouni. In 1982, Kari joined the National Institute of Art (INA) and graduated in drama in 1986.

Although a playwright, he studied with his musicians in Ini. He teaches electric guitar and traditional guitar, jewel, piano, drums. Kari and his friends perform many roles in amateur theaters at the institute. His first major role in the play is titled "I am alone". Bernardo B. Dadié of Ivorian writer.

Kary founded a music group named "Tobodji" That name comes from the song he played with musician Toumani Diabaté in 1996. They will perform at concerts and ceremonies of baptism, marriage and others.

Birth of troops "Gnôgôlon"

After leaving INA, Kary joins with its promoters in creating one of the first theater troupe in Mali "Gnôgôlon" 1986. This body was born on the advice of French dramatist Philipe Dossier. Among the initiators are Kary Coulibaly, Malick Dramë, Salim Sylla and Tènèma Sanogo, columns of troops. Kary will be known to the general public through Gnôgôlon and his production at the four corners of the country.

In 1998 he was recorded by director Burkinabé Sotigui Kouyaté, thanks to his role in San Python Dani Kouyate. Sotigui Kouyaté, Habib Dembelé and Alioune Ifra N'Diaye create "Mandéka Theater".

They needed a player who met a number of criteria: singer, actor and musician at the same time. And Kary has met all of these criteria. It is the beginning of an international career. Thanks to the Mandéka Theater, Kary is known from Dakar to Ouagadougou, Abidjan and later around the world.

Musical composer, arranger, man touches all areas of art in general.

However, his greatest passion is the theater. Ségou's child turns into movies like: Sanoudje from Boubacara Sidibéa, Yelem Mamou Cissé from where he inherited his nickname "Madou Wôlô", The Post of Cheic Oumara Sissoko, Both San Pythona Dani Kouyate. He also interprets the role of Djanguin's musicians at a bar, in sitcom smile.

From tomorrow to Saturday, he now wants to be a burglar of all malicious artists.

Founded in 2000, the Fed is a regulatory framework for consultations between artists, with a view to the sustainable development of the sector. By grouping 7 associations, the Federation of Artists is a small representative body of all sectors of the arts and culture: filmmakers, photographers, musicians, visual artists, drama writers, writers and choreographers.


Source: Mali Tribune

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