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Prime Video arrives on Chromecast and YouTube returns to the TV with fire

Amazon and Google made the price, mutually converting their video services to compatibility with their media passages.

Amazon and Google finally set off with reason. And because of their users. Because although they are competing heavily in the digital market, two American savages have managed to agree to streamline their video streaming platforms with their media entrants. More specifically, The YouTube service returns to Amazon Fire TVafter losing more than a year, while the premier video comes from Google Chromecast Systems.

As Amazon officially explains to his blog, on most Fire TV products we will be able to reinstall and use the YouTube app (The second generation Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire Cube and Fire TV Stick Basic Edition), as well as connected compatible TVs (there are only a few Toshiba available in France). No need to browse the web browser to access the content of the Google video platform. Better yet, we can even use the Alexa Home Assistant to search and control the voice app, Practice! Nothing has been announced for Echo Showers, but Amazon promises that YouTube's availability will expand to other products.

On the other side, Android and iOS apps for Amazon Prime Video will now work with Google's Chromecast devices, which will facilitate the wireless transmission of SVO content on television. In its official statement, Google even cites it Chromecast Ultra users will enjoy premier video at 4K at no extra costIn addition, the Prime Video application for Android TV, currently reserved for a few devices such as Nvidia Shield TV, should be available soon on other devices with Android TV.

We would like to welcome this bilateral agreement that will significantly simplify the lives of users of video footage, avoiding duplicating devices for juggling seized prisoners in closed ecosystems. It remains to be seen whether the two Gafa will also find a common language with Apple, who will soon place their famous subscription to the video on the platform (SVOD) …

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