Sunday , March 7 2021

RAM launches a portal for online purchase of its purchases

Royal Air Maroc launches a new "RAM E-sourcing" platform for its online market acquisition. This launch is part of the process of modernizing and dematerializing the company's purchasing operations.

"As of October 30, 2018, current and potential suppliers of companies can be consulted online offers Royal Air Maroc on this portal, which will be the only entry point for the company's purchase offer, in complete transparency, "said Abdelhamid Addou, president and chief executive officer of RAM.

Thus, all stages of the Royal Air Morocco acquisition process will be included in this platform, from the publication of tender documentation, submission of bids, award and final contract. .

"Thanks to this digitalization, the acquisition of the company, both domestic and international, will provide a much wider supplier panel, which will enable greater efficiency and efficiency for our purchases," adds Mr. Addou.

The platform offers a space to exchange with its suppliers through which they will be able to collect all information about their contracts and invoices and express various suggestions for improvements.

As a reminder, buying Royal Air Morocco was gathering 500 markets per year for an annual budget of 7 billion DH.

It already counts "RAM e-soucring" 1,500 suppliers refers to the company.

Eventually, RAM invites all suppliers who want to bid on company contracts to register on the portal so they can be notified and consulted during calls for tenders within their business.

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