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Report: Booba escaped beautifully!

Booba and Patrice Quarteron

On her Instagram account, Patrice Quarteron wanted to respond to her enemy Booba after threats from Zineb El Rhazoui. Better yet, a Muay Thai veteran even wanted a party at the B2O. Why?

The Booba rapper recently violently attacked Zineb El Rhazoui, after a former journalist Charly Hebdo suggested police shoot live targets in riots in sensitive areas.

In defense of women's rights … Muay Thai veteran Patrice Quarteron immediately responded on social media by posting on Twitter a video explaining to Booba that if something happened to El Rhazoui for Zinebu, the rapper would pay him "dire consequences."

You probably know this, but the athlete and the rapper do not value each other. And Patrice Quarteron would warn Boob; if something happened to Zineb El Rhazoui, he would balance the rapper's address and his family. But he did not stop there, he decided to go to the premises "Touch not to my mail", Cyril Hanoun's program where the DUC from Boulogne was present.

He would leave the scene to no avail, as he arrived on the spot, he met with Air Force Brigade (BAC) police officers who prevented him from accessing the premises. In any case, we can see that, from a few days, this story is much shared. Some give reason to Zineb El Rhazoui, others to the rapper.

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