Monday , March 8 2021

The case of Bouachrine: The judgment has fallen

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After several months of trial, the first-instance court in Casablanca issued a verdict in the case of Taoufiq Bouachrine, editor of the daily Akhbar Al Yaoum.

Murdered for rape, harassment and trafficking, Taoufiq Bouachrine was sentenced to 12 years in prison and a fine of 200,000 dirhams

The court president suspended the hearing to continue the discussions, by the way, announced the end of the closed session. Several journalists came to the courtroom in hopes of snapping the lawyer's statements. Prior to the trial, the accused in his last court admitted having "consensual" sex with the victims and filing their files against the "Saudi regime". .

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For the record, Bouachrine is tried for violations of sexual harassment, employment of individuals for prostitution, including pregnancy, the use of means for photographing, filming or recording of the acts punished by Articles 498,499 and 503-1 of the Criminal Code to be committed in 8 casualties recorded with video, about 50 movies recorded on CD and digital media.

During verbal arguments, the defenders of the complainant and the civic party asserted that the expertise carried out by the National Gendarmerie Technical Laboratory confirmed that it was actually Taoufiq Bouachrine who appeared on recorded video footage. Defending the defendant had another opinion. According to Mohamed Zieni, sequences seized by authorities and projected during the month of Ramadan were recorded in "the dark", which does not allow the distinction of actors.

The "Judgment" of the Royal Gendarmerie Laboratory is without appeal: "65 videos are authentic". Collected on a hard drive belonging to Bouachrino, according to the prosecution, the day of his arrest was confiscated. Bouachrine, on the other hand, has denied any connection to seized videos by explaining that it is not the owner of the seized material (camera and hard disk).

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During the trial, the evidence of the complainant was the main evidence against detainees, despite the withdrawal of some of the complainants. Faced with some testimonies, Bouachrine wanted to leave Casablanca's courtroom. In the absence of a clear defense strategy, Bouachrine's attorneys tried to "politicize" the trial, explaining that Bouachrine's victim was revolted and political-judicial manipulations.

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