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The names of delicious foods promote healthy eating

The title of the dish is anything but superfluous: it makes him want to order it or prepare it. When it comes to healthy eating, it is even more important. American researchers just proved this in a study. in Psychological science, show that when vegetable dishes have names that emphasize their taste or way of cooking, it gives more desire to eat.

"Lightened" or "low fat": discouraging formulas

The study was conducted at Stanford University in the United States. For researchers, when choosing food in a restaurant, the individual focuses more on taste rather than health. The team tested their hypotheses with a group of students. All food names were replaced, the new terms used described their taste. For example, the carrot-based dish was renamed "citrus iced carrot." All names that compare quotes like "lean" or "low fat" have been removed.

Promote the idea of ​​a positive taste experience

The total study lasted 185 days and gave the researchers more than 137,000 decisions to analyze. They found that vegetable dishes whose titles described their taste were 29% more ordered compared to those that retained their common name, more focused on their healthy appearance. A waste analysis revealed that the quantities of vegetables eaten were 39% higher. "It enhances the idea of ​​a positive taste experience," says Alia Crum, author of the study.

In contrast, the use of very positive expressions such as "absolutely amazing" does not change the consumption of vegetable dishes because they are too abstract. In the United States, students are the least consumed vegetable category.

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