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those words that can hurt your child

Paying attention to the language you use with your child makes you aware that some words are hurt and hurt. This is, in any case, the message of the Observatory for Regular Educational Violence (Oveo) and Stop VEO, Childhood Without Violence.

What Is Verbal Abuse?

Despite all its good intentions, a parent may hurt his child or use it with the wrong words. Of course, no parent is perfect, but it is important to be aware of their influence to find a better way of expressing things.

Verbal abuse, often harmless, results in harmful and frustrating words with a negative impact on the child that affect his or her perception of himself.

For example, it may be a feeling of rejection when you hear "leave me alone", "get out of my way". Or a loss of self-confidence with words like "you have a big hair in your hand", "but it's not possible to be so stupid," "you have dirty character, you're bad."

Pay attention to his words

Even when a child does not listen or does not act in the desired way, attention should be paid to the words used. He must understand that his gesture is unacceptable, not diminishing his personal value or the love of his parents.

Several recommendations help in communicating:

  • Let the child express his feelings and show him compassion and listening;
  • Avoid comparing it with your brothers and sisters or with others;
  • Encourage him to show that he is proud of him;
  • Avoid negative phrases such as "disappointing me" or "stuttering me" that can hurt his picture;
  • Speak if you have just said words that go beyond thought and regret explaining to him that he counts for you and that his feelings are important.

If you feel overloaded or overloaded with your child's behavior, take the time to calm down before talking with him. Also, take advantage of the time when you are both yourself to catch up with the tough situations that cause tension between you.

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