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"Toy Story 4" adheres to the North American box office

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Los Angeles (AFP)

"Toy Story 4" kept its pole position in the North American cashier's second weekend consecutively, collecting $ 57.9 million in three days, according to preliminary figures released by a specialized exhibitor-related company.

Woody, Buzz Lightning and their friends helped the Pixar-Disney movie industry to eat $ 236.9 million from the release in North American theaters ten days ago.

In this new release, cowboy Woody, left by a new owner Bonnie, enjoys traveling with a car to convince Forky, made by a girl with a fork and three rope pieces, is a good toy.

This is the most horrible toy, Annabelle doll, who returns to better persuade viewers and climbs to the second step of the podium. This horror film, named "Annabelle: The House of Evil," the seventh space of "Conjuring," received $ 20.4 million for the first weekend on the screens.

In this thriller, an evil doll, still locked by its demonologists, will cross the road of its 10-year-old daughter – played by Mckenna Grace ("I, Tony") – and her friends. Guaranteed winter.

Imagine for a moment, you are the only one you've heard of Beatles, why not take your repertoire back and get your seat in the music pantheon? This is the screenplay for the movie "Yesterday", the third box office for his $ 17 million insured exit. On his way, Jack Malik (Himesh Patel) will cross, to watch him, singer Ed Sheeran, interpreting his role.

"Aladdin," with Will Smith as a genius, was jammed at the foot of the podium with 9.3 million recipes. After six weeks at the cinema, Disney film earned $ 305.9 million.

In fifth place, the animated movie "Like Beasts 2" has reached $ 7.1 million and $ 131.2 million since the release four weeks ago.

This weekend marks the return of the "Avengers: Endgame" screen with an extended version. The feature film occupies 7th place, with a $ 5.5 million revenue.

But ten weeks after the release, Marvel 22 film in the movie universe is still behind the world record that holds Avatar to 2.788 billion in revenue.

"Avengers: Endgame" raised the world's 2,771 billion euros, including 841 million in North America.

This is the rest of Top 10:

6 – "Men in Black: International": 6.5 million (65 million in 3 weeks)

8 – "Child's play: doll of evil": 4.2 million (23.4 in two weeks)

9 – "Rocketman", life story of Elton John: 3.8 million (84.1 million in five weeks)

10 – "John Wick Parabellum": 3.1 million (161.3 in seven weeks)

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