Wednesday , June 23 2021

Trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf Reunited on Friday for Sexual Abuse of Juvenile Persons

Composer and Trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf – Denis Rouvre

French-Lebanese trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf, who kissed a student escort in his studio in 2013, will be sentenced on Friday for sexual abuse at the Criminal Criminal Tribunal.

The girl, aged 14 and educated in the third, was on a one-week internship at Ivry-sur-Seine Ibrahim Maalouf, then 33 years. The musician, who has always recognized the "unique act" who "immediately regrets" the floor, kissed her at the end of this course.

Scarification and binge eating

One year after the facts, the parents reported the prosecution service in Montpellier, where they lived with their daughter, and an investigation was opened that led to custody in January 2017, Ibrahim Maalouf, now 37 years old.

The girl "began to bark and provoked bulimia, she saw a doctor and discovered that she was having sex," says family lawyer Jean-Baptiste Moquet, explaining that the girl is "in love" with musicians and "fascinated" by him, wants to protect him .

"Extremely damaging false information"

A previous investigation is open to "sexual assault", including juvenile consent. "At the end of the investigation," however, the prosecution found that "there was no consent of the victim and he decided to send" Ibrahim Maaloufa to the court for "sexual assault," he explained. before the trial.

In 2017 and when the media released an open investigation into sexual assault, Victoires de la Musique and a Cesar for the best movie music condemned "extremely damaging false information", "deliberately emitted exclusively for" describing as a sexual predator. "

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