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Video. Prince Harry and Meghan explained the difficulties of their lives at the heart of the tabloid

In the documentary, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan exposed the difficulties of their lives in the tabloid spotlight, at the risk of weakening the royal family, according to the British press.

Two weeks after launching a legal offensive against the tabloids, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex spent a long time in a film made during a recent visit to southern Africa and aired on ITV on Sunday night.

Meghan Markle, who married Harry in 2018, has admitted to tears that she had a "difficult" year when she was "vulnerable" to the pregnancy and birth of her son Archie in May. "Not many asked me how I was going," she said.

"When I met a man who would be my husband, (…) my British friends said to me: + I'm sure he's great, but you shouldn't do that (marry him) because the British tabloids will destroy you life, ”she said.

Initially, the tabloids welcomed the arrival of American actress Métis as a breath of fresh air for the royal family. They quickly turned against her with vital articles, criticizing her behavior, following a series of resignations among royal house staff and affixing her the sobriety of the "Duchess of Capricorn" (Duchess Hard).

The tabloids also caught a crack between Harry and his older brother William, the second in a row with Queen Elizabeth, fueled by the alleged misunderstanding of their wives.

"The family is under pressure to which they are inevitably going," admitted the 35-year-old prince in the documentary. "We are certainly on different tracks right now, but I will always be there for him, just as I know he will always be there for me," the senior said, recognizing "the good and the bad days."

After moving out of Kensington Palace, where they lived with William and Kate, Harry and Meghan broke up in June with a foundation where the two couples worked together, prompting speculation about the removal of two sons Prince Charles and Lady Di.

Faced with criticism, the prince filed a series of complaints with the Daily Mail and The Sun in early October, accusing them of violating his privacy. Harry then issued a statement saying that he was afraid "that history is repeating itself": "I lost my mother and now I see that my wife has fallen victim to the same powerful powers."

Driven by motorcycle paparazzi, "Lady Di" died on August 31, 1997 in a car accident in Paris.

The documentary's director, Tom Bradby, told the Times that he had met the couple "tilted, somewhat defensively", looking "at times completely overwhelmed" by the pressure.

Drawing on the difficulties of public life while traveling to Africa, where he faced a population living in much more dramatic situations, but also when the UK was torn apart on Brexit, the Royal couple drew harsh criticism from the press.

"If royal life is so unbearable and unbearable, maybe (the prince) should give up his duties," Jan Moir commented in the Daily Mail. "They have to learn that respect is deserved and not required. Such documentaries deteriorate more than they serve their creation."

In the Conservative Daily Telegraph, Camilla Tominey estimated that in 2019 she was starting to "look like annus horribilis" for the royal family, which is already facing Brexit, comparing the documentary on ITV with a shocking interview she gave to Diana BBC in 1995. in which she accused her husband of infidelity. "It appears that the Duchess is not only targeting her attacks on the tabloids, but also on the firm she married.

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