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which Internet users consider "too skinny", she pushes a strong blow (PHOTO)

In the last few days, Caroline Receveur did not hide her impatience to find London – the city where she lived a few years ago. Ready to leave Paris, the influencer announced her departure on February 6 with a wonderful record. "Once upon a time, a little man named Marlon, who went to London to discover his new life surrounded by his parents, Queen Elizabeth II and small Squirrels from Hyde Park"she wrote in the inscription a photo that she shared a gentle reading with her 7-month-old boy.

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I'm happy to start this "new life" with the family, she discovered a young woman The secret story reveal the streets of the English capital in the hands of his beloved Philip. While in Notting Hill, he could not improvis the photographs in front of the colorful façades typical of this area of ​​London. Nose-length glasses, thin jeans – which enhance its silhouette – took hair in the wind for the greatest happiness of most of its subscribers. If she got a lot of compliments, some users did not hesitate to tell him they found her "too thin", Word that provoked angry young mothers.

Caroline Receveur spoke in her comments in her Instagram story. "Since the singer, the actor, the blogger … means to suffer the pain?" Being a public does not mean to deserve and have to accept without commentary the faint and fierce comments of the population simply because they "can", she said. Imagine being stuck in the street for no reason, or being stopped by a colleague's office, who would stupidly say, "Wow, but do not have a big fat?" Or again: "Erf, you were really better before, are you anorexic ?!" Well, you say that's the same thing, except it's a thousand times simpler and, above all, the lazy behind the screen. "

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After this new muscle focus, a beautiful blonde of 31 years again said she was free to do what she wanted. "Even if I took 20 kilos, lost my teeth, I decided to wear only red, and decided to become a Buddhist?" But what's your problem? live your life … "she added. The message is clear!

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