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Artist Jan Kruis (Jan, Jans and Kids) gets his museum

Jan Kruis, best known for the band Jan, Jans and the kids, gets his museum at Orvelte. The museum is scheduled to open in May.

"This is going to be the most beautiful and the best museum in the Netherlands," says Leontine Kruis, daughter of a famous comic strip artist. "We really look forward to it, but my father can no longer see it, but he really liked it and we can show his work that way."

Jan Kruis died in 2017 at the age of 83. In addition to drawing comics, he also introduced Sint Pannekoek; The Pancake celebrated every November 29th.

Group financing

In 2008 there were plans for the Jan Kruis Museum. For a long time he was unable to find a suitable place and lacked money. At the end of last year, the job got a momentum; the building was available in the Orvelte Village Museum. The initiators launched a crowdfunding campaign to collect the required 50,000 euros.

That amount is still missing. "Inside is enough to start and we are very grateful for it," says Kruis against RTV Drenthe.

Low threshold

The intention is to keep the low price of reception. The museum features a section of the pictures of Jan Kruis and the drawings of Jan, Jansa and the children. There is also a free space. "We're filming Jan Kruis's movies that tell kids how to draw a red jewelwel-hangover or a jeroen poop on a shoe for example.

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