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Bitcoin (BTC) about $ 11,280. Chainlink (LINK) is the winner of the week

While Bitcoin (BTC) progressed, many altcoins lag behind in terms of price. Now, when it is a bit quieter, some projects have the opportunity to catch the breath and restore some value, especially in the BTC.

But there is only one coin that really went well last week: that's Chainlink (LINK).

Bitcoin master

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin had a big $ 10,000 reward. The bottom chart clearly shows how this sprint has increased. In mid-June, the BTC Award decided to start the race and then start a big sprint.

In that period, the price of some stocks even exceeded $ 13,000. Now the largest crypto coin is hardly more than $ 11,000. Today, therefore, is a red day with almost 5% loss compared to the same time yesterday.

At a price of $ 11,300, Bitcoin is still in good shape. Of course, when you look at the depth through which the currency has come in terms of price development. The price was somewhat above $ 3,000 for a long time.

Read our Bitcoin pricing to know what to expect.

Bitcoin price in the last 3 months
Bitcoin price in the last 3 months

crypt Twitter

What does cryptotwitter think about the current state of cryptomarket?

Josh Rager emphasizes that bitcoin had a good month of June. However, in the coming days it predicts a sharp drop of $ 9,500.

DonAlt has a tip: wait. And if you can do it you can have fun making money.

Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink (LINK) is outlier of this period. Cryptomunt experienced an unprecedented increase after a series of good news. The coin is currently at the 16th place on CoinMarketCapu with a market capitalization of $ 1,383,485,806. The market share of the project exceeds one billion dollars.

LINK can be traded on Coinbase. Somehow cryptomarket often responds very positively when Coinbase starts supporting a new coin. On a day that was not immediately visible on the trail, but it was one big deal for each altcoin when it is suitable for inclusion in a large crypto-exchange.

But the big news came from a different angle: Google. The company called Chainlink in a blog about hybrid chains and cloud applications. For those apps, you're looking at Google Cloud's interest.

And let Chainlink become the ERC20 sign. The project focuses on checking data on the Internet for blockchain. Chainlink is an important link in this.

The project comes with so-called "oral systems". Their intention is to improve the processes. For example, you've built another project on Ethereum called Augur. You can place bets there. With prophecy as a "mediator", bets can be better checked.

In short: an interesting project. The hype is so great when LINK jumped from $ 1 in June to over $ 4 in the same month. At the time of writing this document, ERC20 is sold for $ 3.95 at various crypto fairs.

LINK is a clear winner of the past period.

The link of the link
The link of the link

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