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Car miles to shoot Outback


Not surprisingly, over the past year, the number of kilometers traveled by diesel has dropped again. Now that cars of this fuel are being increasingly excluded from cities, they are turning to gasoline and sometimes electric driving, according to new CBS data.

"Diesel is difficult because the image is bad because of the emission of more particulates. Because measures are being taken against it, you can see that companies are switching to gasoline," says CBS economist Marjolein Jaarsma.

It is striking that the electric car has not yet been massively adopted. With 0.5 percent of the total mileage, the share of plug-in cars is almost negligible. "It has everything to do with an even higher purchase price and infrastructure that is not optimally equipped for these cars yet," Jaarsma says. "In addition, the allowance has been increased again."

The number of passenger cars driven on gasoline increased by 2.7 percent to 78.4 billion in 2018. Diesel, on the other hand, drove 2.5 percent less (34.3 billion kilometers). The number of miles on LPG has been shrinking over the years and decreasing by 11.6 percent to 2.1 billion kilometers.

Jaarsma: "Approximately 1.1 million passenger cars on behalf of the company are responsible for 22 percent of the kilometers traveled. Together, these cars carried 26.1 billion kilometers, which is more than 4 percent more than in 2017. The increase in kilometers traveled by eight million private individuals (95.3 billion) was just 0.4 percent. "

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