Monday , March 8 2021

E3, postpone games, GTA VI and cloud games

Yesterday you could enjoy the first part of our predictions for 2021. In that first part, the editors looked ahead to see if 2021 will be a transitional year, when the PS5 will be available again, what will be the sales of the Nintendo Switch or the Project Red CD will preserve your image and whether the Game Pass will be even more successful. You didn’t have to wait long for the second part. Because here he is. This is part of our predictions for 2021.

Will GTA VI finally be announced?

It’s been almost eight years since GTA V came out. In these eight years, we’ve had to play GTA V on PS3 and Xbox 360, then on PS4 and Xbox One, then on PC, and now the PS5 and Xbox Series X are coming out as well. Meanwhile, there is no news about GTA VI. What do the members of the Gamekings editorial team think, will GTA VI be announced this year or not yet? And why do they think so? And how do they think the game will be announced?

Will 2021 be a delay?

Life has been affected by Coronavirus since early 2020. Not only our private life suffers, but all the fun around us. Many movies and games have been moved from 2020 to 2021. However, that these games will see the light of day in 2021 is no guarantee. after all, the pandemic is still there. And look, The legacy of Hogwarts has already been postponed to 2022. Is this a sign for the rest of the year or is it not so bad? What do editors expect? Will 2021 be a year full of procrastination? Or will 2021 be one of the coolest gaming years despite its misery? Curious about the answers? The editors share all their expectations in Part 2 of the 2021 Gamekings forecast.

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