Saturday , March 6 2021

Emma Bunton sick spotted the car entertainment window

Forty-year-olds play a game that has shown how well they know. This has become Mel B, Scary Spice, reminded of not too many new incidents that included it Emma he had to vomit during the drunken mood. Now the 42-year-old Baby Spice has had to laugh and explain the event as follows: "We were in America and had a drink in the city, on the way home, I got sick because I was something strange to eat, I opened the window to surrender but because of windy winds he immediately fired.

Mel B replied to this: "Yes, I remember it. My mouths were in my mouth!" According to Emma, ​​that is to Scary himself, "because she talks a lot and she never keeps her mouth shut."

Spice Girls will visit the United Kingdom in 2019 and will now be giving 6 concerts. Victoria Beckham interrupted due to a busy job with her own brand.

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