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Explore American Justice at Boeing in Charleston

According to well-informed Seattle Times, prosecutors requested documents from the Boeing 787 manufacturing plant in South Carolina. Two different sources report to the newspapers that they will get unlucky. The third source states that at the beginning of June several calls were made to individual employees at Boeing's 787 Dreamliner in Charleston, South Carolina.

The call was issued by the Ministry of Justice, sources say. DOJ also conducts a criminal investigation into the confirmation and design of the 737 MAX after two fatal crashes on that aircraft.

The two sources who made the calls spoke under the condition of anonymity because of the confidential nature of the investigation.

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Doctors spokeswoman Peter Carr in Washington refused to respond in time to Seattle on Friday. Spokesperson Boeing said, "We do not comment on legal issues."

It was not clear whether a court call was issued by the same prosecutor overseeing the 737 MAX investigation. However, the third source, who also spoke on condition of anonymity for confidentiality, stated that calls to employees at the South Carolina factory came from the "same group" of prosecutors who participated in the 737 MAX Investigation. .

Boeing diverts its Dreamliner production between the South Carolina factory, which launched its first aircraft in 2012, and the huge Everett plant in which it has been building aircraft for decades. The 737 MAX was built in Renton, near Seattle.

Federal prosecutors in Washington, DC, investigated the 737 MAX development, including a new flight safety control system known as MCAS, following a collision on October 29 in Indonesia and another in Ethiopia on March 10. This catastrophe resulted in 346 deaths and led to the aircraft being left on the ground to transport passengers around the world.

The Seattle Times story in March explained that the FAA executives urged its engineers to delegate more certification processes for the 737 MAX to Boeing. Then Seattle wrote about the detailed defects in the original security analysis supplied by the FAAs to Boeing.

Despite the differences in Boeing 787 and 737, Boeing researchers look like a total. People want to know if pressure on signing an aircraft has been made. The New York Times newspaper has already written a factory in Charleston in April as a place that is struggling with production problems and poor security oversight.

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