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Game release for July 2019 – Fire Emblem and Dr. Mario | article

It's July, it's often a great time for players to work on the backs. Now we think this is a great plan, but fortunately for those who want to play some new stuff, there are a lot of interesting games. Think Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Dragon Quest Builders 2. These are the releases of the games from July 2019!

Final Fantasy 14 has already got two big extensions and with Shadowbringer, though it only gets bigger. Experienced players know about what I can expect: a new 30-hour story, nine new dungeons, two new classes, a level of 80 and a raid for 8 and 24 players. There is also a new world of the First which consists of six large districts and centrally located town of Crystarija. For newbies, Shadowbringers includes a number of nice enhancements, such as the ability to dump npcs if you can not team together.

Final fantasy 14

Dr. Mario is back in July on iOS and Android devices. Although some may prefer the Switch version, the traditional Mario Drum game is ideal for your cell phone. Actually, this is a jigsaw puzzle-3 game in which you combine the real capsules with three different colors of the virus. The world adds a number of new things to the series, including a special ability to circumvent certain viruses and capsules that match any color. We are a little worried about the hearts that allow you to access the worlds and come back with time, unless you make a micro transaction. In addition, Dr. see Mario World looks like a beautiful mobile game.

Dr. Mario World

The first Dragon Quest Builders is a special game, not just because Square Enix released the PlayStation Vita version. Combines the space Dragon Quest with extensive graphics in the building where you can explore the world and build big hammer buildings. The sequel, based on Dragon Quest 2, seems to broaden the first part. The islands are huge, there are more tasks and the creation of objects is a bit simpler. Dragon Quest Builders 2 also becomes a fun game because you can play the game in online co-op and build it together. Finally!

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Marvel Madness has reached its peak this year, so it's time to bring superheroes together to Marvel Ultimate Aliance 3: Black Order. Not only the most famous avengers, but also the lesser-known heroes such as Elektra, Spider-Gwen and Nightcrawler, who can carry out light and heavy attacks. However, more important are the four skills that, while enjoying the abundance of visual effects, can provide bonuses when deployed close to related characters, such as the other Defender. Ultimate Aliance 3 therefore needs a deeper RPG system than before, with many customization options and steady progress until the end of the game's mission.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Much time has passed since the traditional Fire Emblem game came to the console. The three houses therefore accept this return by changing the known structure of the game and maintaining a calendar for big battles. As a university professor you spend most of the day training college students to fight each month at a big fight. The idea behind that is that you can train each group of students in response to the next fight and so tailor their strategy each time. The trick is to select different activities that have different consequences for the skills of each individual.

Since teaching is walking on a campus and getting to know each student better, the game even reminds us of the Person. Students ask for advice, are motivated by personal conversations, and that, love relationships also play a role. Fortunately for the pure strategists among us you can greatly skip preparatory work and dive directly into the action. We still do not know much about the battles, except that every figure is surrounded by a battalion and that, like in Shadows of Valentia, the triangle of weapons has mostly disappeared. We can find out how it works in late July.

The fire coat of three houses

Wolfenstein 2: The new Colossus was received with great praise, so Machine Games was slow to speed. Describing Youngblood as a "middleweight" does not make the game good because it is the biggest and longest Wolfenstein game so far, a hard developer. Moreover, the whole story is played in co-op, where you step in shoes Jess or Soph Blazkowicz, twins B.J. Blazkowicz. In an alternative time, the United States was freed from Nazi Germany, but fifteen years later, twins believe that it is time for France to release the stem regime.

With this cooperative approach, Machine Games seeks to make the game more interesting with different new elements. Some enemies wear armor that is sensitive to certain bullets, more emphasis on gadgets, and environments are bigger and more filled with NPCs who occasionally seek service. All in all, Youngblood looks more ambitious than most spin-offs and we are extremely curious how it will turn out.


Red faction: Gerila Re-Mars-Terd (July 2, switch), Stranger Things 3: The Game (July 4, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC), Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle (July 5, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC), God the Witch 3 (July 14, switch), Lost fever (July 19, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC), Kill the Kill: AKO (July 25, PS4, Xbox One, PC), Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot (July 26, PS4, PC), Behind: two souls (July 27, PC).

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