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Knoops pronounced Outback Judgment

Knoops called on the court Friday to further investigate the role of former VVT minister Ivo Opstelten (justice and security). In 2014, he would insist on criminalizing Geert Wilders for his controversial statements on Moroccans. This would violate the principle of separation of powers and the head of the PVV will not get a fair trial.

Recent responses to the parliamentary affairs of the current Justice and Security Minister Ferd Grapperhaus show, according to Knoops, that despite the claims of the public prosecutor's office there is indeed a consultation between the Ministry and the Public Prosecutor's Office on the Wilders case. In addition to the former Minister of Justice, Knoops also wants to hear former President OM Herman Bolhaar and former senior civil servant Gerard Roes as a witness who will make his thesis difficult.

"Prospect of Political Value"

Knoops explained in detail the judgment of the court. The judge went outside the "judgment on political value" of the party program, according to the lawyer. The prosecutor asked for it. Wrongly, according to Knoops, because it is also contrary to the principle of separation of authority. The discussion of Wilders' statements is not in the courtroom, but in parliament, Knoops believes.

The prosecution denies having brought a political case to court.

LIVE – Reporter Saskia Belleman is present at the trial. You can read her tweets at the bottom of this article (about 9.30 am).

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