Saturday , June 19 2021

More than two hundred people died of Ebola in Congo NOW

201 people died of the consequences of Ebola since the outbreak in June in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

That's the congressional Ministry of Health BBC let them know. About half of the victims come from the city of Ben, in the North Kivu region.

The ministry also reports that 25,000 people in the region have been vaccinated against this disease.

On Friday night, the ministry has already announced that the worst ebola has ever occurred in the country. At least 319 people received the virus.

Attacking rioters at medical teams ensures that everyone can not be vaccinated and that disease can be spread more easily. "If doctors attack, they have to stop their work and everything is delayed," the ministry spokesman said. "So the virus gets a head.

The spokesman said two men were killed in such attacks.

For many years in the north of Kivu, there has been an armed conflict between several rebel groups and the Congolese army.

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