Thursday , June 24 2021

No new infections with EHV-1 Rhinopneumonia virus at the center of KWPN in Ermelo


On Friday, October 26, at the heart of the Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands (KWPN) in Ermel, the EHV-1 variant of rhinopneumonievis determined one of the autumn test mucus. There was also a fever and toothpaste that showed a different form of movement in the step, but these two molasses were tested negatively on EHV-1 in a study conducted by the Animal Health Service. Three muffins were tested again on November 6, and the results of the EHV-1 test were negative for all 3 pastas. No other passions with EHV-1 symptoms were added.

In agreement with prof. Marianne Sloet, a specialist in indoor disease at the Veterinary College in Utretto, has decided to continue testing the present pastry. If owners deprive the sheep in question, it is advisable to put these horses in quarantine for at least another 14 days. In principle, other passports will remain in Ermel by November 24, and then 4 weeks after the last case of elevated temperatures.

The KWPN Center – and thus the estimates and finalized view – is again open to the owners and interested parties. They have access to the KWPN's office and Willem-Alexanderhal died. Stages remain closed to third parties until the final presentation. All stable workers and riders will continue working according to a strict hygiene protocol to the next, using, among other things, disinfection carpets, and clothing changes. The removal of KWPN fertilizer takes place in its own place.

For more information, see the KWPN page.

source: KWPN, 08/11/18


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