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No solutions for Marskramer delivery problems so far

Marskramer store supply problems are still not over. The owner of Pedax Audax confirms that many products are not shipped, but a solution has not yet been found.

Financieele Dagblad wrote this morning about unrest among traders in the grocery chain. Audax complains that the new owner of Audax barely delivers any items.

Audax regrets the unrest. The company emphasizes that it only organizes the transportation of items, and furthermore depends on external suppliers. That would be a problem. The company says it is trying hard for new suppliers.

Delivery problems followed by Audax at the Marskramer chain. Audax took over the stores from Blocker. The acquisition was remarkable: Up until then, Audax was mainly concerned with publishing magazines and other print media.

Empty shelves

Not only do Marskramer entrepreneurs have empty shelves. Prima, Toys2Play and Novalux retail stores, which also fall under Audax, are victims of delivery problems. Roland Bock, owner of the Novalux store, has not received any products from his usual offering since late July. "I can choose from several hundred products, but these are items I don't sell. It seems we can only order the remaining items from Blocker."

Just like its store owners and franchisees, Bock is struggling to get its products from somewhere. Some shelves were empty for a while. Bock started buying these products himself. It's not easy, he says. "Big manufacturers don't often deliver small rural stores like mine."

He ended the call

Audax says it's in talks with entrepreneurs that we're looking for a solution together. But that did not alleviate the unrest. Bock says he no longer has contact with the parent company. "I stopped calling. They say they're very busy looking for a solution, but nothing changes."

Many entrepreneurs have already had some difficult years. Particularly for smaller shops, this is difficult. Bock employed four people six years ago, now only one part-time worker. Bock knows something similar to fellow retailers. "First the crisis, now this. For some entrepreneurs, this can mean the end," Bock says.

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