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Only for ten years, really faster by train to Berlin

It will surely take until 2030 before the train can travel faster from Amsterdam to Berlin. State Secretary Van Veldhoven writes in a letter to the House of Representatives that railways and rail vehicles have to be improved in order for the interurban train to drive faster. The Secretary of State wants the train to be longer than one hour shorter.

Van Veldhoven admits that because of the present time of traveling to Berlin, it is not an attractive alternative for all travelers. The train now lasts 6 hours and 22 minutes and stops 15 times on the road. NS wants to solve it for at least 2 hours.

In cooperation with the German partners, NS and ProRail, a study was carried out to speed up the train and how it was possible in the short term.

15 minutes

The research now shows that train 2021 can drive a quarter of an hour faster due to relatively minor changes to the route, such as the use of new equipment and the transfer of several stations in Germany. Probably this acceleration will go up to 45 minutes between 2025 and 2030.

Second route

Only after 2030 the train can go faster than an hour, says Van Veldhoven. Great infrastructure investments are needed. The train must also go on another route, via Arnhem or via Zwolle. Approximately 5 hours drive from Amsterdam to Berlin.

The cost of a bridging long-distance train to Berlin can reach up to 7 billion euros, says Van Veldhoven.

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