Sunday , March 7 2021

Portugal's national coach frowned for the absence of Ronaldo | football

Ronaldo is not invited to the World Cup, regardless of whether he is on his or her request. "The only thing I think about Ronaldo is that he has to win the Golden Ball," Santos said when he presented his choice of matches with Italy and Poland in the League of Nations.

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In the first international games after the global final round, Ronaldo missed because he just moved from Real Madrid to Juventus and wanted to get used to his new environment. Last month, the 33-year-old striker did not join Portugal again. At that time he was under strong pressure for the old rape that the American woman overturned. Based on new information, this case has been re-opened since 2009. Ronaldo denied in any way that he had made a woman into sex.

Without a machine goal, in 154 international games for 85 goals, Portugal won in Italy and Poland Nation (twice 1-0). The European Champions' Cup of Italy on November 17 in Milan against Italy is enough to secure first place in the group and participate in the final round of the World League. On November 20th, Portugal will close the group in Guimarães against Poland.

Santos certainly denied that Ronaldo was missing because he was not allowed to play for the national team. "Nobody is excluded. I also do not know what will happen between March and March.

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