Sunday , April 11 2021

RTL studies Gerard Joling’s television program in more detail

“This program was commissioned two years ago and since then we have gained a lot of new insights in the field of diversity and inclusiveness, and of course through all the social events and conversations we have had with authors from different cultural backgrounds,” the spokesman said.

Before that, there was quite a bit of fuss about the program, as the title would be inappropriate and certain statements Joling it would be racist. “As RTL, we think it is important to talk about prejudices and stereotypes. We want to connect, not polarize. “

That is why the channel, together with Joling, watches the content of the program. “Gerard traveled on wonderful journeys and had very valuable and educational conversations with his guests,” the spokesman said. “With these new insights in mind, we are therefore carefully observing the choices made and whether we can create a program that meets our desires, as we do with any program.”

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