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Rumor: The Nintendo Switch 2019 line has been hit

Many rumors occur after 'droughts' & # 39; great news.

It seems that the cucumber time for announcements about Nintendo is over. With the possible Nintendo Direct come a lot from the inside with your information out. Emily Rogers is one of them from the inside and has something to say about the upcoming names of Switch for 2019.

According to Rogers, the fourth Nintendo Lab kit will appear in the spring, most likely in April. The name and trick of this set would be very surprising for fans. In addition, Platinum Games would not only develop Bayonetta 3, but would also have an unpublished second title.

Rogers was confident in the previous announcement. Now there are a number of rumors that they think are most likely true, but still have some insecurity. That would be four big unannounced great games from Nintendo, three additional eShop games and one Wii U-port from the title in 2013. In addition, there are still three titles for which Rogers are still less secure. This is a new game from Retro Studios, Metroid Prime Trilogy and another Wii U-port.

The vast majority of these titles should be released this year. The rest will be moved to 2020. Rogers thinks small eShop titles from Nintendo's later DLC can get, as done in Snipperclips. Nintendo can still bring old titles – such as Yoshi's Woolly World and Kirby's Epic Yarn – in 3DS, but if that does not happen, according to Rogers, it's the last year for a handheld.

Whether all this is true, it is still to be seen from the official announcement of Nintendo. Rogers was a trusted source several times in the past, but he often sat next to him.

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