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Steve-O wants to fight Justin Bieber instead of Tom Cruise NOW

foolcomedian Steve-O wants to start a cage fight with Justin Bieber. He says TMZ that he wants to take up the spot of Tom Cruise, which Bieber recently disputed over the fight.

The Canadian pop star announced on June 10 a Twitter message asking Cruise to fight the cage. "I want to cause Tom Cruise to fight in the eighth direction. Tom, if you do not dare take that fight, you're a scared man and you will never prove it," Bieber wrote at the time.

Cruise never responded to the offer, but Steve-O would love to occupy his seat. "I think Bieber has caused the wrong person to fight. Tom Cruise may have 56, but I'm 45," jokes the cascader, known from the program Fool.

Steve-O thinks he can offer Bieber a good match and the pop star will not get him in the first round. "I can handle beats."

The comedian is serious in the fight and even met Dana White, the UFC president, who is organizing these battles. "White agreed that I was the right person when Cruise canceled, and someone else had to fill up the cage with Bieber. We were handling this," he says.

Justin Bieber has not yet responded to Steve's proposal.

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