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"TBS escaped prepared to escape Nijmegen Pump Clinic" | NOW

TBS member Ronald van Z., who escaped from Nijmegen Pompekliniek on Wednesday night in Paris, had contact with magazine editors Omroep Gelderland. Van Z. allegedly sent e-mails explaining, among other things, how he prepared his escape.

Gelderse omroep reports in a message that Van Z. asked editors in his emails to contact his mother. That's because he would need the money.

Further reports Omroep Gelderland that the person who fled TBS in his emails spoke about how he prepared his escape. "I have been preparing this for a month and a half. I was raising money, this is not a problem since we are allowed to take unlimited leave. So I had a total of about 500 euros," Van Z. said in an email to the broadcaster.

Van Z. wrote in his mails Omroep Gelderland also how he "prepared" the bike on which he escaped. For example, according to the broadcaster, he would hang a bicycle bag with belongings on his bike, out of the sight of employees. "When I returned the bike to my bike apartment, it had a bike bag filled with clothes, a map and food," Van Z said.

Omroep Gelderland says the Nijmegen Pump Clinic that it has requested a response to Van Z's arrest. According to the broadcasters, the tbs clinic refused to respond.

Van Z. was arrested at a Parisian internet cafe

Van Z. was arrested on Wednesday at 6:45 pm in an Internet cafe in Paris, "in close cooperation between the Dutch and French police," the prosecutor's office said.

Forty-year-old Van Z. was sentenced to tbs with forced treatment in 2014. He had contact with minors online and this led to two encounters with sexual acts.

According to OM, the man did not pose an acute danger to others. The decision to disclose his name and identity came after an investigation meant he had not violated his privacy and failed to produce the desired result.

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