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TBS escapes from Paris clinic arrested in Paris | NOW

TBS member Ronald van Z., who fled the Nijmegen pump clinic, was arrested in Paris, according to his lawyer, Job Knoester, on Wednesday. The Public Prosecutor's Office (OM) in the Netherlands confirms his arrest. The sex offender disappeared on Oct. 4 during surveillance on a bicycle.

Van Z. was arrested on Wednesday at 6:45 pm in an Internet cafe in Paris, "in close cooperation between the Dutch and French police," the prosecutor's office said.

Van Z. is expected to be handed over to the Netherlands soon. Knoester had no contact with his client yet, he said Wednesday night.

Forty-year-old Van Z. was sentenced to tbs with forced treatment in 2014. He had contact with minors online and this led to two encounters with sexual acts.

According to OM, the man did not pose an acute danger to others. The decision to disclose his name and identity came after an investigation meant he had not violated his privacy and failed to produce the desired result.

Van Z.'s disappearance was for Pompekliniek the third escape of tbs & er in over a month. The clinic therefore decided to temporarily suspend all planned vacations and, for the time being, work under dual supervision. They, together with the inspection, investigate the incidents.

Minister Dekker emphasizes the importance of engagement

Four days after the escape, Minister for Legal Protection Sander Dekker stressed that escape rarely happens and that leaving is an important part of the process that a TBS person goes through.

The treatment measure makes the Netherlands safe, he said in the House of Commons. The Minister also pointed out that the chances of committing serious acts without treatment are much higher.

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