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The EA Access access service appears on PlayStation 4 | NOW

EA publisher EA announced that the EA Accesa subscription service will be available on PlayStation 4 computers on July 24th. This allows subscribers to play unlimited games for a fixed amount monthly.

PS4 owners can split the EA Access subscription for $ 3.99 per month via the PlayStation Store. An annual subscription of 24.99 euros is also available.

With a subscription, players get access to EA games such as FIFA 19. Mass Effect Andromeda. Battlefield 1 and Star Wars Battlefront II, These games can be played unlimited. In addition, subscribers have access to trial versions of new games up to ten hours before they are available in stores.

The service is available on Xbox One for five years. PlayStation 4 requires a different subscription because EA works with various accounts on game consoles. This means that EA Access on PS4 and Xbox One has to pay separately.

Other game publishers also work on this type of subscription. For example, Microsoft offers the Xbox Game Pass, with which subscribers can, among other things, play exclusive Microsoft games. Ubisoft will launch its own PC service in September: Uplay +. It gives people access to Ubisoft games because it will appear Watch Dogs: Legion.

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