Monday , January 25 2021

The film The Third Saof will also be the last NOW

The third part in the film series Soof it will be the last. This was revealed on Thursday night by lead actress Lies Visschedijk Boy.

According to the actress, it is important to stop at the right time. “It’s hard for me to explain, but you just want to stop if that’s still okay,” she says.

Visschedijk wants to make sure the trick fails and compares it to making a cup of tea with the same tea bag every time. “At one point you think: am I drinking tea or hot water? I don’t want that.”

The 46-year-old is nonetheless very proud of the third part and is saying goodbye with a good feeling. “I think it’s good and at the same time very painful to break up with Soof,” she concludes.

Soof 3 in theaters they can be watched from March 4th.

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