Friday , August 6 2021

The naked teens connected with the AH, Lidl, Jumbo and Aldi robberies

On Friday, a 17-year-old suspect was found in a hotel room in Vianen, writes Stentor. He and the 18-year-old woman were naked at that time. Two were arrested for looting at Alberta Heijn earlier that day. Later it appears that two Voorst and Ermelo can be linked to looting at Hilversum (Jumbo, October 26), Bussum (Lidl, October 27), Den Dolder (Aldi, October 23), and Nijkerk (Jumbo, October 30 ).

Jumbo Nijkerk

Stentor talks to the relieved Jumbo owner Rob Veltink. Retirement mostly ensures peace with staff in Nijker. At the end of October four of his Jumbo had to deal with a robbers. Veltink: "This is, of course, a fierce event. From the very beginning, they received victim support." Jumbo also says he is proud of what his staff wore with robbery. "They were ready for each other, I have 130 people who work for me, but this does something with everyone."

Albert Heijn Vianen

On Friday evening, AH employee counters in Vianen threatened with a knife, after which the robbers could break the unknown amount of money. The great police action proved to be successful: hints were pointed out to the police at the Van der Valk hotel where he was a suspect.

Political research in full swing

Police investigation is still in full swing, police spokesman Stentor says. For example, the role of the 18-year-old Ermelos is still being investigated. Suspected of participating.

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