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Toprak Yalciner likes to talk to people about the problems of NOW

Actress Toprak Yalciner, who advises callers about the new program Call Center for Celebrities, likes to help people with their questions.

When Yalciner saw the British version of the episode Call Center for Celebrities was immediately sold. "I have double lying," says actress In the program, which can be seen from Sunday, about 30 famous Dutchmen are advised by anonymous callers who are facing the dilemma.

"I also enjoy talking to people about their problems," Yalciner said. "I need friends and family to discuss everything, but sometimes it's very difficult to talk about things because you do not really want to hear the answer. Then it's wonderful to be able to call someone who has no idea who you are."

Although the callers were knocking on the door to the problem, Yalciner also laughed a lot. "You are in a five-person call center and you hear each other's conversations, so I heard Ryanne van Dorst, Henny Huisman and Javier Guzman give you some tips, for example, it has a very surprising side, it has a kind of fetish."

"You have to be surprised by the question"

Yalciner has mostly answered questions about love and motherhood. "I love a lot of love, and I've been a mother since last year, so it's a beautiful theme." The biggest lesson about motherhood I've learned is to do her best, not because she's in the book. "

The actress did nothing special about the program. "You can not actually prepare. The more you get into the empty one, the better. You just have to surprise yourself with the question."

Call Center for Celebrities can be seen on Sunday night at NPO 3 at 21.15.

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