Tuesday , March 9 2021

Verstappen thinks after getting to Mexico that everything is possible in Brazil NOW

Max Verstappen lives well with the Brazilian Grand Prix Sunday. The Red Bull Racing driver is convinced of his victory a week ago and his previous performance at the Interlagos circuit.

"In general, Interlagos is not really our car, but after finishing on the 2016 stage and after winning the GP in Mexico, everything is possible in the race," Verstappen says in a Tuesday.

"I had beautiful battles and reassured hopes for another thrilling race, you are well listened to by Brazilian fans and because the close network is so close to the stand, you can hear their joy when you're on the grid."

The 21-year-old Verstappen stunts last week in Mexico, where he sailed off to victory in a race in which Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton secured his fifth world title thanks to the fourth place.

At the Brazilian Grand Prix two years ago, Limburger was also impressed by the rain pouring out thanks to some nice reusable actions to move to third place.

Two more races in 2018

The current season of Formula 1 has two races. Two weeks after the Grand Prix in Brazil, drivers come to Abu Dhabi for the final weekend.

At the World Cup, Sebastian Vettel from Ferrari behind the World Champion Hamilton is already in second place. Vettel team and Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) normally compete for third place, though Verstappen also has the chance to win the number five.

The first six were finished by colleague Daniel Ricciardo, a colleague from Verstappen, Red Bulla, who has been unlucky in recent weeks, and in Mexico, for emotions, he did not want to drive the last two races. He recently came back to it.

The Brazilian Grand Prix begins on Sunday at 6.10 am in the Netherlands. In the race, the first two free training sessions will be held on Friday, and the third training and qualification will take place on Saturday.

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