Wednesday , July 28 2021

All Whakatohea will vote for Waitangi Tribunal

The results of the WhakatÅha Whaling Process voted out again yesterday and it is clear that all WhakatÅ haa all voted for the Waitangi tribunal's process.

"It is almost certain that all applicants are extremely happy because the results clearly showed all the free support of the Waitangi Tribunal in all Whakatheh's claims. That was the consistent struggle of NgÄ ‡ i Ira since 2015 when we applied for a request We urged the Hearing in 2017 , and one of the recommendations of the Tribunal was that WhakatÅ haa has its own opinion, "said Ms. You are Ringahuia Hata, one of the prosecutors NgÄ i Ira.

"Well, they were talking to us. We do not support direct negotiations at this time and we certainly do not support the trust of Whakatha pre-settler to stop any of our claims. How many messages should we send to Crown?" says Mrs. Hata.

In accordance with the Waitangi tribunal's guidelines, it is recommended that all substantive negotiations be suspended until the end of the vote. The Tribunal held that it was of fundamental importance to allow the WhakatÅ hau to decide how they now want to continue in a more transparent manner. The report states:

"Voting should be through unbiased, postal and web voting and voices recorded on an open basis (in accordance with Te Ara Tona's recommendations)."

Of the 8,839 voters received 2,876 votes, which was 32.54% of the vote. Three actions clearly voted against the WPSCT by continuing to negotiate for a settlement, and four voted to still support the entity, but there is a margin of 9 votes for one of negotiator Maui Hudson from Ngai Tamahau, who insisted that Tribunal Investigation too long-lasting, research was not necessary and would not change the quantum amount offered by Crown, actually stated that it could be reduced.

"For us, this is not about money, but about the hands and integrity of the claim, and the right to question all of our requirements. We do not agree that the research would add no value to the settlement and I think the whole grip of the WPSCT negotiator was is overwhelmed with bad legal advice and the continued misery of our people from the very beginning, "said Mr. Te Rua Rakuraku, Chief Prosecutor Ngà i Ira.

"28 of the applicants claim 31 of the Tribunal's inquiry, and these latest results support it. We are compliant to be honored and guaranteed by the Waitangi Act."

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