Sunday , June 20 2021

Critically ill Napier's man Jarred Thompson evacuated from Fiji dies

Napier's father Jarred Thompson, who had been medically evacuated from Fiji last Tuesday, died after he had fulfilled his last wish to see his six-year-old daughter last time.

The 27-year-old was in remission after he went to cancer treatment over the past year. He was in Fiji for a month, but during the trip he was critically ill.

With the help of their community, friends and family Thompson raised more than $ 36,000 to get him out of Fiji to get the necessary health care.

However, in the early morning hours the young father died.

Close friend Thomas Brook told NZME. Mr. Thompson was "in the comfort of his family home in Taupo since Saturday, surrounded by his family's love and dearest friends to the end."

Mr. Brook thanked the community for their help saying, "We gathered in unity to do something and achieve something beautiful.

"Because of your love, we got Jarred home and out of the core of the heart, thank you."


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