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Cuphead copycat enchanted portals may be the dumbest clone ever

Vicious portals – this looks familiar

Enchanted Portal developers have admitted that they have "prepared for some back light" because of the similarity between their game and Cuphead.

No, these are not screenshots of the long-awaited Cuphead DLC or anything in common with StudioMDHR, they are from a new Kickstarter game that Cuphead has simply & # 39; inspired.

One of the most successful indie games in recent years, Cuphead mixes old-school 2D shooter gameplay with even older school animation, inspired by short films in the 1930s.

The captivated portal visuals are nowhere near as authentic for the period, but the game still looks good, in a way a kind of brand. Especially since Spanish developer Xixo Games Studio consists of only two people.

But since the Internet has only two settings – love or hate – they have come under increasingly hostile fire for their daring to try and imitate Cuphead.

Although the game obviously looks and acts like Cuphead, you can argue that it is no different than a legion of clones of Call Of Duty or Mario Kart.

"Yes, of course Cuphead was a great inspiration for enchanted portals," artist Gemma told Polygon. "We are both enthusiastic fans and wanted to do something similar, but always from a place of respect and admiration for the original."

"We were prepared for some in return, but the trailer definitely reached more people than we could have ever predicted, and all the hatred and negativity that has come to us has certainly had a huge impact on us."

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The plan for the enchanted portals is to make it a Kickstarter project, though the campaign to raise money has not yet begun.

He has certainly already received enough publicity to make Kickstarter successful, but whether this will turn into money-paying money remains to be seen.

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