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Disney's Live Action Small siren could find her Ursula

WITH Dumbo. Aladdin and Lion King Everything posted this year, you might think that Disney would slow down its modern processing of classic animated movies. It would be wrong. Little Mermaid The remake, which has long spoken of voices, is supposedly accelerating – and no one else than Melissa McCarthy might play Ursula.

Diversity reports bridesmaids/Girls Gilmore/Ghost busters nominated for multiple oscars "in early talks" game of the movie's bad guy. Director Rob Marshall (Chicago. Mary Poppins is back) and a co-production by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who will supposedly help Alan Menken with new songs that will complement the original.

According to the work, "Disney and the production team behind him are trying to make contemporary and convincing castration choices while still paying tribute to the beloved animated original." What sounds great, but the casting of McCarthy, inspired as much as it may be, feels great on the nose.

It will be interesting to see whether this contemporary feeling is easily recognizable with any upcoming casting, or if it is more about customizing the story.

Little Mermaid is widely regarded as a film that has been brought back to full glory by Disney Animation and has led to an incredible critical and financial success. It's beyond a beloved movie that, just like the other remake on the way, has a lot to accomplish.

Live action Little Mermaid no release date yet.

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