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Global research findings trigger a new approach to oral health care

Health News Sunday, June 30, 2019

Source: ghananewsagency.org


Dr. Edward Ohene MarfoDr. Edward Ohene Marfo

Dentists in Ghana adopt new approaches to oral health care after the global research conducted by Pepsodent has shown that children with poor oral health are less likely to attend and attend classes.

Research findings have shown that children with poor oral health can not only suffer from bad breath, cavities, and pain but also hidden damage because they are associated with lower self-esteem, affecting the overall potential of the child during and after school.

Dr. Edward Ohene Marfo, a dentist at the SDA hospital in Gbawe, at the GDA's General Conference, invited the involvement of all stakeholders, including parents, teachers, dentists and the media, to continuously train a large number of residents to practice good oral health, especially among children, to help them realize their full potential.

He said that dentists throughout the year focused on the pain of the child and the bad breathing caused by the creation of the cavity, leaving the focus on the education of the child.

Dr. Marfo said another shocking discovery of research was that caries and related oral diseases in children are not just health problems that manifest themselves as bad breathing, faded teeth and pain because they affect their relationships with other colleagues.

He said research has shown that children with poor oral health are less likely to attend and perform in class, are less likely to smile, are less likely to enjoy school and find it difficult to socialize with other students , and it's harder for them to work with friends.

Dr. Marfo said the research results revealed what the dentists did not focus on and that it served as an eye opener and encouraged GDA members to review access to helping young people have healthy oral health.

He said the dentist would now focus on recent discoveries and add previous knowledge to reduce cavities, nothing the solution to the problem was very cheap and very simple, but most parents thought it was very difficult to adhere to.

He said: "The simplest and most effective way to prevent dental caries is brushing with Pepsodent in the morning and evening, the last thing before bedtime. It is recommended to use Pepsodent's toothbrush because it is soft or use any medium type toothbrush that is good for your teeth.

Dr. Marfo said that when individuals do this very well and visit their dentists at least twice a year, many people would be free from getting cavities because they "clean the particles of food that will remain in the mouth for the bacteria to start working."

Dr. Ama Amuasi, a member of the GDA and dentist at Komfe Anokye's hospital, called in an interview with corporate institutions to help build dental clinics in each district to allow people to visit dentists.

She said that brushing the tooth is the easiest way to prevent dental caries because of four factors that cause tooth decay, dental, oral bacteria, food particles and time.

She said that the only factor that can be taken is food particles concealed in the teeth because none of the other factors can be controlled by humans and encouraged people to brush twice a day – morning and night just before bedtime.

Dr. Amuasi said, "When you do not wash your teeth and do not go to bed, that means you have made a mouthful of bacteria in your mouth because they would have a little bread, a bank, a feeding chocolate while you were sleeping."

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