Tuesday , March 2 2021

Hackensack women raise awareness of rare cancer who has asked for the life of their best friend

Woman Hackensack raises awareness of the rare hormonal cancer that she suddenly took her best friend during the summer.

In honor of World Net (Neuroendocrine) Cancer Day on November 10, Amanda Pizzimenti is

launching a web site

and fundraising for

Kerry Snow


Snow was subjected to illness at age 28 in August, two months after her diagnosis. All sales proceeds to Pizzimius' place go towards

NET Foundation for Cancer Research

in the snow.

In sharing the Snow Story, Pizzimenti hopes to raise awareness of NET cancer – and perhaps even save one's life.

Snow started to experience health


in January 2017. All the test results were unsuccessful, and doctors symbolized symptoms of gluten intolerance and food sensitivity.

According to the International Federation of Neuroendocrine Cancer, most of the NET cancer is diagnosed at a later stage when it has already spread to other parts of the body. Until then, finding a drug is rare.

That was the case with Snow.

"It was so hard to look at how it goes away from being so active," Pizzimenti said, "to someone who had trouble walking in the hospital corridor."

Snow was a runner who wanted to travel. He would throw naked basics into a bag and hop on a plane to the land that caused her interest, Pizzimenti recalled.

He has never been a person who has stopped laughing – and remained positive and optimistic because cancer has caused havoc on her body.

"He never gave up hope," Pizzimenti said. "He kept everything to laugh, and from time to time he would have a bad day, but he would always be there for his friends and family who comforted them.

"I'm trying to carry my name forward, I know that's what she wanted."


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