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Last Christmas: Critics deal with rom-com incredibly, shockingly, monumentally

Reviews are for Last Christmas, And many of them … are not kind. Let's allow a few critics to weigh:

Rolling stone: "Incredibly, shockingly, monumentally bad …. The kind of bad that happens when you bring together people of tremendous talent and then you are forced to watch them desperately cheer, lost and floating, trying to make a romantic comedy that's incredibly short of both elements."

New York Post: "Last Christmas not particularly funny or romantic. And the ending of the movie, which many viewers correctly assumed after watching the trailer, is idiotic and poorly explained. "

Us Weekly: "A flawless, cluttered mess with burning identity issues will bring some joy during this festive season."

Critics have not been kind to Emilia Clarke's new movie, Last Christmas.


Critics have not been kind to Emilia Clarke's new movie, Last Christmas.

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BBC: "Brutally messy and deliberate romantic comedy."

Fun weekly: "A supernatural turn so ridiculous it can actually make you deer deer."

And so on. The movie sits on Rotten Tomatoes with a rating of less than 50 percent. What was so bad about this movie?

On the surface, Last Christmas it looked like a charming holiday season, starring the lovely Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) and Henry Golding (Crazy rich Asian") as Kate and Tom, a couple of unlikely sibling relatives. In addition, the script is co-written by the beloved Emma Thompson; the soundtrack is solely the songs of George Michael as an homage to the late singer and also stars the brilliant Michelle Yeoh as a woman named Santa, the cunning owner. year-round Christmas shops in London.

All in all? The biggest flaw of the movie is simply the fact that it is a Christmas rom-com that, in fact, lacks love and humor (and Christmas).

Yes, the movie is set over the holidays, and Kate spends most of her time running around in an elf costume ("The clothes she keeps on even when she's out of the clock for bizarre, unexplained reasons." Guard put it) because she works at Santa's Christmas store. And the action is based on Michael's classic hit song Last Christmas.

But there is nothing concrete about the story that requires it to be set at Christmas time. If nothing else, the movie seems to look forward to making fun of people who enjoy vacations, like Kate, who initially hates her job in the store, and parents who live next to an absurdly remodeled house.

Also – and we say this as people who ironically love a good Hallmark or Lifetime Holiday movie – setting a movie for Christmas doesn't automatically give it a go. More reviews of the film seem to reveal too much criticism, because after all, it's Christmas! And you can't be too strict about something set for Christmas! And doesn't a "Christmas movie" usually differ as a "guilty pleasure" movie?

“If You Just Want To Cover Your Face With Sticky Pudding,” Wrap offers, “Last Christmas” brings, even if you were most likely right to hit the movie’s turn after watching the trailer. "

The Seattle Times & # 39; the critic spends a few sentences detailing Clarke's elves costume, "because I'm delaying time as I try to bypass the idea that a rom-com with the actor Clarke and the equally charming Henry Golding could fall so flat."

As for the rom-com element, well … as many reviews point out, Clarke and Golding have almost no chemistry. Even worse, both characters are a bit unbearable. The film begins with Kate traumatized and unhappy after a serious illness, and deals with pushing her family away and doing her best to ruin relationships with all her friends.

Then out of nowhere, Tom shows up at his Christmas store and starts trying to teach her to appreciate life. "Look at!" he honestly says many times, which of course leads to a bird, soothing on Kate's face when they first meet.

He also likes to dance and spin on the street, not carrying a cell phone. ("Manic Pixie Dream Boy" is a common descriptor of his role.) It's hard to eradicate and / or care for any of them until the reasons are explained very late in the movie – but having cute characters is probably one of the most critical acts of romantic comedy.

As for the conspiracy, you may have noticed that we talk about the bandage a few times. The plot is a very important and very bizarre part of the movie, and we won't spoil it because Clarke looks extremely upset that he's already spilled it on the internet (although it can be deduced pretty easily from the trailer).

But that's also part of the problem: When the audience focuses more on the novel than the actual story, it's a sign that something goes wrong.

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