Tuesday , March 9 2021

LeAnn Rimes reveals that she met Eddie Cibrian as a teenager

So much for love at first glance.

For years, fans of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian – not to mention the couple themselves – believed that they met in 2009 at a TV movie show Northern Lights and then engaged two years later at Badanjak. But they were surprised recently when they discovered they faced face to face many years ago and no one remembered.

"We do not remember that we met each other," Rimes explained during a recent interview Tonight is fun, Rimes, now 36, was just a teenager at that time. "There are photos, clearly, and it's weird. We both were:" Wait, what? "I think he was 23, I was 14, and he worked Young and restlessHe found it right after we worked together. He just dug through some photos in his garage and found it. "

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The couple sharing Cibrian's children, Mason, 15, and Jake, 11, married with Brandi Glanville, celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary in April, but their engagement of Yuletide makes the holiday special.

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"Usually we go to his parents," says Kibrijanci. "We've done this huge Cuban feast, and then they come home and leave traces of candy from their door to the tree."

This year, Rimes is packed in fun party performances in the upcoming movie Hallmark Channel Christmas, Eve, with Christian Convery and Tyler Hynes.

It's Christmas, Eve premiere on Saturday, November 10 at 8 o'clock

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